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New for 2022: Madelyn is offering a special presentation for churches, church groups, and private groups, entitled "Salt and The Bible." It is a 30-40 minute lesson on the significance of salt from the beginning of human existence to modern day, with special attention to the time when Jesus walked upon the earth. Understanding the customs attached to salt can help one understand the stories and references to salt in The Bible.


The Spectrum of Stories:


Historical - Step back in time and immerse yourself in history.  It's much more educational and fascinating when you feel like you are there.

Inspirational - Stories can touch hearts in many ways. Sometimes they are religious, sometimes healing, sometimes just positive feel-good stories of love and caring.

Patriotic - No one ever grew up aspiring to be a hero or to make patriotic history. It just happens - in an instant. One way to thank our brave men and women is to remember their stories.  Veterans as well as the men and women in the service today are very special people!!

Legend and Lore - Fairies and elves and mythical creatures have transcended hundreds and even thousands of years through the retelling of stories from generation to generation. And, of course, the legends of tomorrow are still being created today.

Spooky - Stoke up the fire, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and let the goosebumps begin!

Humorous - Humor doesn't just come from comedians; it can come from your own mind. How often have you heard someone tell a story and a vision from your own life plays out once again in your memory and brings chuckles? How often have you heard someone say, "Someday I will be able to laugh about this?" It's time to laugh!

Moral Values - Appreciation for good old-fashioned moral values never grows old or goes out of style. Stories are effective ways to emphasize those values so they can be re-examined.  They are not sermons. They are reminders of who we are and why.

Family - What could be truer, funnier, or more outrageous than real family stories...children, parents, relatives, pets, everyday experiences on the home front!

Geographical - Every city, state, region and country on our earth has a treasure trove of they began, who lived there, what makes them special.  Everything in the history of the world started "somewhere."

Make-believe/Imagination - It's not just for children.  Climb out of the real world and let your imagination take you on a journey of creativity and "what ifs."

Barnes & Noble Webster, NY
Elementary School Story Time.
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