Reader Comments

I just finished The Ugly Popcorn Tree last night.  It brought tears to my eyes when Marty…..What a lovely story and inspiration of God’s plan and his love. I am really enjoying your books!!! I’m starting Touched by Tennessee tonight!

(Shirley from New York)

"Just wanted you to know I purchased copies of your books on Monday...I've already read "Touched by Tennessee."  I read that today...I loved all the history.  I can't imagine living with all those earth tremors which finally turned out to be earthquakes.  We had tremors and earthquakes while I lived in San Diego...when they happened at night it was almost as if I were being rocked to sleep...even if they were only a minute or less.  One that happened in 1964 really shook things up a bit though...about the 5:00 pm news it hit San Diego first, the people were being tossed around, papers were flying off desks then everything on the screen turned black and shut down.  We lived about 30 miles East of San Diego.  Shortly thereafter there was a huge thunder sound, followed by the backyard shaking like a bowl of jelly. Of course, the house shook a bit also.  I grabbed my babies (at that time an infant about 2 months old and my 20-month old) and we headed to the bathroom doorway.  I remembered something about being in the bathroom doorway as a safe place to be for an earthquake.  Your book brought back all these memories. I will start "Tiggy Tiggy Touch Wood" book tomorrow. (Pat from Washington State)


"While on a plane trip recently, I read your latest book, "The Ugly Popcorn Tree." What a fantastic story! I could really relate to it, as I am adopted (when I was six weeks old), and never realized until my Dad passed away and retrieved papers from his safe deposit box at the bank, that I was actually in an orphanage before I was adopted. Apparently my “birth” Mother gave me up to the orphanage for whatever reason – maybe she was an unwed Mother, or just couldn’t take care of me. I was very fortunate that I was adopted by such a wonderful, caring couple – they treated me like a princess. I never did try to find out who my birth Mother was, as sometimes those stories don’t turn out too well. I have seen some documentaries on TV about people trying to find their birth parents, only to be rejected twice. Thank you for writing this book - you're a very gifted storyteller." (Elaine from Florida)



While traveling back home from a recent trip, we drove through New Madrid, Missouri, a place we probably would have just driven through had we not read about it in “Touched by Tennessee.” Instead, we took the time to look around and appreciate the historical significance of the area. We never would have known about it if we hadn’t read your book.

(Don and Mickey from Texas)