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Children's Books

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BERT the Owl Bat

Published August 2019

A professionally-illustrated children's book, “Bert the Owl Bat” is the second book in “The Critter Series.” It is the story of an unlikely friendship between two “critters” who happen to meet quite by accident … a bat and an owl. They are leery of each other at first, especially since one is part of the food chain of the other, but they make the decision to be friends. When danger suddenly interrupts their lives, however, their friendship takes on a whole different meaning.
Deluxe Hard Cover 7x10: ISBN 978-1-7338694-0-9
Soft Cover 7x10: ISBN 978-1-7338694-2-3
Ebook: ISBN 9781733869485

Bert the Owl Bat is now on YouTube! Here is the link:



Hobie the Christmas Spider

Published August 2017

A professionally-illustrated children’s book, the story of Hobie the Christmas Spider is created from a bit of Germanic folklore about an Old-World tradition…only from the perspective of the spiders! It teaches children about the love Jesus has for all living creatures – humans and animals, from the very large and sophisticated to the tiniest and seemingly most insignificant ones of all. It is a story of love and the “magic” of Christmas.
Deluxe Hard Cover 7x10: ISBN 978-0-692-94380-9
Soft Cover 7x10: ISBN 978-1-7338694-3-0
Ebook: ISBN 9781733869478

"Your cover made me smile. Hobie is definitely cute. The artwork is lovely and a strong companion to the story words. This is an excellent interpretation of a folktale. Bringing some of the unknown ones to light inspires new ideas and the young readers might ask for their own family folktales as well."

     ...Writers Digest - December 2019

Hobie the Christmas Spider is now on YouTube. Here is the link:


You Tube versions are narrated by the author; background clarinet accompaniment is by musician Howard Rohrer. Other musical contributions are by Blue River Studio LLC.

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Collectible glass ornaments

Available for a limited time:

Trademarked "Hobie the Christmas Spider" and "Bert the Owl Bat" glass ornaments, created by Blue River Studio LLC in Elizabethton TN. Views shown are the front and back of each ornament. They are available for sale only from the author. Contact her through the gmail address listed on this website (see Contact section). They are $19.95 each (shipping is included), packaged in a gold-colored cardboard gift box. 

Hobie Ornament 1_800PX_Madge2.png


Hobie Ornament 2_800PX_Madge2.png


Bert Front Ornament.jpg
Bert Back ornament.jpg
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